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That Time My Hair Came Off in the Ocean

April 9, 2017

Y’all. There are no words for the level of shame I feel right now. Like, nothing compares to this. My hair literally separated itself from my head and did a backstroke next to me while I figured out what had just happened.

Now before you go calling the ambalapse, the pastor and my Momma, it wasn’t my real hair. I’m not sick, and I’ve been blessed with those 4C Motherland curls, so my fro goes nowhere without serious persuasion. But this wig I decided to wear to the beach today was SO not interested in my water sports shenanigans. Maybe because beach, wig and water sports together in a sentence make absolutely no sense. This is what I get for tryna be “Bad and Bougie” at the same time.

Allow me to explain.

You see, I have 2 sides. My Southern Belle bougie side showed up at Knip Beach here in Curacao in some curly weave action, and spent her day posing for 843 beach photos to get just the right angles and lighting for that “effortless” shot in for the ‘gram. Hashtag #nofilter. Hashtag lies.

My Brooklyn baddie side brought rum to the a beach in a plastic flask, added it to a nutcracker with unidentifiable alcohol (because that makes sense), and then jumped her tipsy ass off a cliff into the ocean.

Bad and Bougie don’t go together y’all. Follow behind these club hooks if you want to, but in real life you gotta pick one. Either whip your tracks back and forth and take cleavage selfies from your beach chair while sipping on a girly cocktails. OR, be a badass and sip on an unknown liquor combination then try to catch a lobster with your bare hands while snorkeling because you have a taste for it. But ladies, don’t be both. Lest you find yourself trying to re-attach a wig to your scalp in the middle of the Caribbean Sea while treading water and holding onto your fancy Go-Pro. Praise hands for lifeguard training, because if they had to tell my Momma I died chasing some kinky curly tracks, she might not come to the funeral.

The wig was only floating for a few seconds but I think it actually enjoyed itself! It was laying on its back all relaxed, hoping nobody would notice it chillin’ in the background of their beach photos. But as soon as I gathered myself (and my wardrobe malfunction that was also captured in The Footage The Internet Shall Never See), I snatched Le Wig out of its daydream and put it back on my head.

(Click here for video of me jumping off the aforementioned “real cliff”)

We had a nice fling, but this wig gon’ have to be my side piece that can’t come on vacation with me. Black women are known for wearing a million different hairstyles, sometimes in the same week (and confusing the hell out of our coworkers) And on vacation we’re even more likely to switch it up to avoid having 78 jars of juices and berries in our carry-on bag. But if you’re the adventurous type like me that jumps off bridges and cliffs for no good reason, make sure your hair can keep up with your activities. Literally. #notracksleftbehind

So for my adventure-seekers, go forth and be Bad! Climb mountains, go bungee jumping and reward your efforts with all the local liquor the bar will give you before they send you home. Or be Bougie! Rock that barely-there dental floss bikini and down-to-your kneecaps tracks for that perfect whip action shot in the ocean.

But for the love of Remy don’t be both! Because if I hear about you simultaneously swimming after your bikini and your weave I will laugh almost as hard at you than I did at myself in Curacao. For those who’ve never done it, I HIGHLY recommend experiencing the rush of jumping off a cliff. It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds, and might turn you onto more adventure experiences while traveling. I can’t wait to see your pictures! Click here to see more from my trip.


Have you ever had a wardrobe, hair, or other malfunction during an adventure excursion? What did you do and are there photos? If so, DM me at @bktraveladdict so we can laugh together!


Curacao Cliff Jump at Knip Beach

April 6, 2017

If you’ve never done a cliff dive before, Knip Beach in Curacao is a great place to try it out! It’s not very high, and there are a few different heights you can choose from. The water is also insanely clear, so if you freak you can literally open your eyes and be comforted by Nemo swimming nearby.

Click here to read about the #weavegate hilarity that occurred after I hit the water!

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My 2017 Travel Lineup: Curacao, Kenya, Dubai and More!

March 21, 2017

Ya’ll. I’ve been in America for 6 months straight. Like, how did this happen? I’m outchea acting like Trump’s wall is real, and I can’t even get out this bitch, when in fact nothing about this presidency is real life, and my passport actually still works.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, I’ve been reliving some of my favorite memories with photos from India, Brazil, South and Africa. But now it’s time to make some new ones! Below is a shortlist of where I’m headed in 2017. If you’ve been to any of these places, I’d love to hear your suggestions on what to do, and most importantly, where I should eat. (Because, priorities).

::March 2017::

Come through sunshine! Ya’ll have no idea how amped I am to get 50 Shades of Amistad on this beach. This is a solo trip where I will spend my days meditating, swimming, exploring and clearing my mind before my busiest event planning season back home. I’ll be staying at Scuba Lodge, and dabbling in scuba diving for the first time! Follow my Instagram Stories to see how awkward I look in all that gear, and find out if I’ll be adding diving to my list of adventure sports abroad!

::April 2017::

I don’t really need another reason besides gumbo to visit NOLA, but this trip is extra special. I’ll be doing some filming in small towns outside of New Orleans, and visiting the plantation where my father grew up. This year I’m really trying to learn more about my heritage, and will be working with Ancestry.com to figure it all out! I got my kit a few weeks ago and can’t wait to get my results. Stay tuned to find out more about my family’s history, and see if I’m able to visit a country that shows up on the list!

::May 2017::

In college when I studied abroad in Costa Rica, people often assumed I was Panamanian because I was Black. If that’s any indication of how many of your cousins ‘nem are gonna be in these Panamanian streets, then I’m here for it! This is a fun group trip with the OHPsalms crew who I’ve island-hopped with a few times before, and we’ll be staying at a brand new resort called the Dreams Delight Playa Bonita (which makes my inner bougie girl very happy!). Stay tuned to see what adventures me and my girls get into in Panama!

::July 2017::

*puts down chicken wing*

So yeah, my crew of 20+ is back at it again this year! I know, traveling with 20 women sounds insane, but these trips have created some of the absolute best memories of my life. This is my first time at Cropover (Barbados carnival), and I’ve heard it’s the next best thing to Trinidad.  As Trinidad becomes more expensive, I predict other carnivals will gain even more popularity on “off years” for frequent masqueraders, so I suspect this won’t be my last time at Cropover. If you’ve never taken a girls trip to carnival, (or a girls trip at all), check out my post on how to make it happen, then DO IT!

::October 2017

Ya’ll. I know I should be all excited about this skyline and being a part of the #DubaiBlackout2017 and stunting on these hoes on a sand dune, but all I can think about is this guy:

He’s everywhere! Or at least dudes who look like this. (Wait, is that racist? Father forgive me.) But on the real, the men in Abu Dhabi were open mouthed fine AF. Like don’t look directly into their eyes fine. I wanted to throw my panties at one I saw outside the airport but I was afraid of getting arrested and having to tell my Mom why I’m in some middle eastern jail begging for an attorney and some fried chicken through an Arabic translator. At any rate, I’ve been dying to get back to the U.A.E. since my epic layover in Abu Dhabi, and am pretty geeked about this trip! Follow the ‘gram for my #sanddunestuntin photos.

::September 2017::

I’m headed back to the Motherland! It’s been 5 years since my last trip to Tanzania, and I’ve been dying to get back ever since. This time I’m traveling with wellness coach Cassandra Nuamah as a part of her Africa Retreat series, and our itinerary is insane! Everything from a safari trip and a visit to the Masai tribe, to textile making and beaching in Zanzibar, this 10-day adventure will definitely be one of my highlights of 2017. If you’re interested in visiting Africa, visit her website and sign up for one of her trips!

::November 2017::

While many travelers rave about the beauty of Cape Town, I fell in love with Johannesburg in a matter of a few hours. The Maboneng neighborhood where I stayed felt like home in ways I’ve never experienced in any other city abroad, and I often consider living there during Winter in New York.

On this trip, also with Coach Cass, not only I get to go back to Jozi, and see Cape Town again, but we’re also visiting Durban for the first time! Plus so many other activities I didn’t do like traditional dancing with the Zulu Tribe, a safari excursion, and community service in local villages. Oh, and we’re working out every day, which will help me stay on track for my first trip of 2018!!! Hint: feathers, paint and powder! #wejamminstill


A few years ago I curled up on my couch and watched Julia Roberts pack up her shit, chuck deuces to her hubby and skip the country to figure out life in foreign lands. She spent the next few months eating her waistline away in Italy (#goals), finding peace in Bali, and meeting the love of her life. After it was over, I turned off the TV and went back to my same old job doing my same old hamster wheel routine the next day. Since then I’ve lost that job, and still haven’t met hubby, so what better time to run off to Indonesia and just breathe in silence for no reason? With the plans I have for my life in the next few years, I need to take advantage of this carefree solo time while I still have it. I don’t know the “how” or “when” behind this trip just yet, but I’m listing in here and putting it out there to see what happens. Can’t wait to share my experience with all of you!



What’s on your list for 2017? Any bucket list experiences? Have you made a list yet? If not, write it down tonight and share your list! And relax – it doesn’t have to be a blog post, or even a Facebook post. Text a friend, or group of friends letting them where you want to go and why. Speak that dream into existence. You’ll be surprised how much faster you find yourself right there where you’ve always wanted to be. Good luck!

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Video: Trinidad Carnival 2016 Throwback

February 21, 2017

Before I block everyone headed to Trinidad Carnival this year, I took one last trip down memory lane with my crew in 2016. This video is for the newbies who are still unsure if that rent money you’re spending on this trip is worth it. Believe me when I tell you  – it totally is! Take a look and share with that one friend that’s still not sure if they’re down for grinding on strangers wearing 3 feathers and 2 rhinestones. She’ll be fine!

For more tips on how to plan a Girl’s Getaway, click here. See you at Cropover!

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9 Places To Eat While Traveling Abroad

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year guys! I’d start off by saying 2016 was a great year, but instead I’ll keep it real. After a year where we lost Prince, gained Trump, and ended with the passing of Mariah Carey’s career, we’ve all been forced to turn to our happy place to find peace. My happy place is elbows deep in a trough of oxtail. Curry goat is my spirit animal, and nothing cures a bad day more than an ignorant-sized bucket of chicken and biscuits.

Indulging in a delicious meal brings me so much joy! So to spread the love, I’ve decided kick off 2017 by sharing this list of some of my favorite dishes that will have your belly singing hallelujah on your next trip.

Paella at Paladar Chef Ivan Justo Havana Cuba

1. HAVANA, CUBA: Paladar Ivan Chef Justo

The paella at Ivan Chef Justo was by far the best I’ve ever had. Which is surprising, considering much of the food I ate in Havana wasn’t impressive at all. With the exception of one or two places, most meals were decent, but certainly nothing to write home about. But this paella? Bay Bay. Our group literally scraped this huge pan down to the bottom, shamelessly fighting for the last few grains of rice. Home training be damned.

Continue Reading…

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How to Experience Cuba Part 3: Book With a Travel Agent

December 20, 2016

While it’s become much easier to get to Havana these days, that wasn’t the case when I went in September 2015. And even if it was easy, I simply did not (and rarely have) the time to plan out all of the logistics a trip, let alone one with confusing travel requirements, limited access to U.S. Dollars, and spotty internet service.

For those of you with limited time to deal with the planning and paperwork, or aren’t about that “travel with 50 strangers” life,  I suggest working with a travel agent to handle everything for you! I booked with Gai Spann, owner of Spanning The Globe Tours, who planned every single detail of my trip, and tailored the experience so that I could see more of the Afro-Cuban side of the culture. I caught up with Gai to chat about the benefits of planning your Cuba trip with a travel professional.

Gai, since our Cuba trip was 3 days after CURLFEST, I was literally sleepwalking my way to the airport. I didn’t even know if I had a visa. But in true Olivia Pope fashion, I got to check-in and everything was handled! How long have you been planning trips for people?

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